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Apps MX — MIT Digital Onboarding

MIT, a leader in payment aggregation, has launched MIT Digital Onboarding, an automated payment terminal request registration solution for SMEs that need to process card payments. MIT’s experience has allowed the company to define a highly friendly product for the end user. MIT Digital Onboarding allows SMEs representatives a fast and reliable registration from their…
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Travel & Digital Health – VeriFLY, Daon

VeriFLY is the smarter digital health passport that allows real-time verification of COVID-related credentials, such as health questionnaires and diagnostic lab test results, right on your smartphone.    Denver International Airport (DEN) has launched VeriFLY, a new pilot program that allows health-conscious travelers to move safely through security and to their gate with more reliability…
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AppsMX – AforeMovil

Afore Móvil is a vanguard app for managing AFOREs, Mexican pension funds.  It allows balance check, account statements and calculation of retirement pension funds.  It also incorporates services such as registry and consultation of non-adults, as well as several options to stimulate voluntary savings on the AFORE using debit cards and cash.   The app is very…
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