Desarrollo de Negocios y Servicios para Transformación Digital

Imagina Projects was founded in February 2004, for introducing the technological solutions of the Swiss group Ascom in Mexico.  Since then, we have collaborated in business development and/or project management with several leading technology companies:

Ascom Powerline Communications

Introduction of voice and data transmission over low voltage powerlines, coordinating proofs of concept for CFE and Luz y Fuerza del Centro.


Representation for Mexican market.  Platform certification in the main telcos offering “last mile” services in the country, and commercial follow-up.


Based on market intelligence supplied by Imagina Projects, eServGlobal participated in several bids for number portability platforms with the main telcos in the country, and won a project with one of the leading companies.


Collaboration with OneAccess local office in México to obtain Telefónica Móviles México lab certification.


Market analysis for financial and telco markets for business development in Mexico.


Business Development and Project Management.


Business Development.