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About Us

Imagina Projects, SA de CV, was founded in 2004 by the team that introduced several solutions from the Swiss group Ascom in Mexico.

All over the world, there are companies with very interesting technological solutions. However, the lack of knowledge of the Mexican market, or the investment necessary to open a rep office to look for projects, are a deterrent to operate in the country.

Imagina Projects offers flexible collaboration schemes ranging from market analysis/opportunity detection to commercial representation and/or implementation of local competence centers.

Our objective is to find the most innovative and dependable technology suppliers, with success stories recognised by important customers and a serious interest in exploring the Mexican market.

Our business proposal minimises presales investments and provides security to set up larger operations. The collaboration has proved fruitful for several companies that are now working in Mexico, either with us or by themselves after a successful introductory project.

We believe in the capacity of each individual and each company to imagine and carry out great projects, and we want to be part of this effort.


Guillermo Gánem
Founder and CEO


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